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The Versatility of Wood in Architecture


Wood is not only a sustainable and environmentally friendly building material, but also offers timeless good looks. Whether for building interiors or exteriors, wood can be used almost anywhere. The material is available in many shapes and colours and can be processed in various ways. Its versatility fits with modern or traditional styles to offer something for every taste. One of the oldest building materials in existence, timber lost its prominence for a time in favour of new construction materials such as concrete and steel, but has recently come back into the spotlight as a sustainable, versatile and cost-effective building material that can help reduce waste and carbon emissions in the building sector. With a wide variety of timber construction options available today, wood has regained popularity and can be found in many contemporary houses.

Interested in incorporating wood into your home or building, but in need of inspiration? Here are some stunning creations from our partner architects that showcase the natural, eco-friendly material:

Wood takes centre stage in this asymmetrical timber-clad house from the architecture practice Bermudez + Mai Architecture in Colchester. With contrasting dark tones and an energy-efficient design maximising natural ventilation, the bespoke home is a stunning example of the contemporary quality wood offers in timber houses built today. 

Wood perfectly complements a variety of other materials and adapts to various styles, as seen with this stone house complemented by a wooden extension with contemporary lines. The project was designed by the architecture practice kalm architecture based in North Berwick, Scotland.

Designed by our partner architect Kevin Gilligan, this home interior features a harmonious blend of wood and materials such as brick and stone, creating a cosy atmosphere. The wooden ceiling in particular adds a chic rustic element. Get in touch with the architect today for your building projects in Dover.

In a beautiful combination of different materials as well as plants, the prominent use of wood in the design creates a peaceful, relaxing effect that exudes natural quality. Discover more projects by architect Luca Arnaud here.


With larch timber cladding and views of the surrounding tree canopy, this contemporary home in Suffolk creates a connection to its woodland setting that extends to the interior thanks to the wood accents and design elements. The energy-efficient house was created by the architecture practice Brown & Co, based in St. Neots, Norwich and Brigg. 

Feeling inspired to incorporate wood into your architecture project? Get in touch with an architect near you today to design your dream project together. 

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