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The cities of tomorrow

Rethink the Cities of Tomorrow


In 2050, 2/3 of the world's inhabitants will live in cities, with six billion people living in cities, around 70% of the world’s population.

However, cities as we know them today weren’t built with this number of inhabitants in mind. It is therefore necessary to rethink this rapidly, in order to make them more efficient and pleasant to live in. This is the challenge for the cities of tomorrow.


We also have to consider rises in temperature and climate change.

What will tomorrow’s cities look like?

Many architects and urban planners are already considering and designing green spaces in the hearts of cities, which are more and more exposed to elevated temperatures.


Architecture That Measures Up


There is already no more space in today’s cities. It won’t be possible to enlarge cities horizontally anymore, so we will have to learn how to build vertically.

Our cities in the future will certainly be tall... Very tall. 

The increasing population of cities causes transport problems. The cities of tomorrow will have to find new, more fluid mobility solutions. 


Intelligent Cities


In 2050, cities will be intelligent and connected.

Apps will allow resources to be used efficiently, such as water and public lighting.

Accommodation will also be connected. Their inhabitants will be able, thanks to different apps, to control their homes and their energy consumption.

There will also be numerous charging points for electric vehicles.


Greener Cities


Tomorrow’s cities will be more respectful to the environment. They will offer green spaces to their inhabitants, and will promote biodiversity through, for example, greenified building façades.

With the rise in urban populations, cities must be able to produce, store and deploy energy in order to supply cities, all while using recycled and sustainable materials. 


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