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How to Optimise Your Open Space Office

The choice of an open space office can have many advantages for a business. Among others, it allows you to gain considerable space and improve communication between colleagues. The right design is crucial to create enjoyable working conditions in your open-plan workplace.

  • Making your open space office enjoyable

While an open layout favours communication, noise still remains the principal concern in these work spaces. It’s therefore important to choose acoustic furnishings to minimise noise pollution. The choice of carpeting also helps reduce excessive noise within the space.

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For the office furniture, the best choice tends to be colors that imitate natural materials, such as wood, or colors on the neutral side to promote concentration. It’s also important to consider ergonomics and the quality of the furniture you choose.

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Defining spaces within the open space layout

A well-designed open space layout makes a difference for your employees’ comfort and productivity. That’s why it’s important to divide the space by putting up partitions, allowing employees to isolate themselves for better concentration. Providing separate spaces can be essential to ensuring each colleague’s privacy and concentration.
Positioning employees’ desks is also an important matter for consideration, since direct visual contact between colleagues can contribute to loss of concentration.

Choosing lighting for your open space office

Depending on your employees’ activity and the time they spend behind a computer screen, adapting the lighting can be critical in an open space layout. It can be a good idea to install adjustable lights at each workstation so that each person can adjust the lighting to their preferences. Natural lighting is also essential for employee well-being, since it helps reduce stress and increase productivity.

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