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How Much Does a Home Extension Cost? Price per m2


The price of a home extension can vary due to a number of factors, and this process may seem daunting at first sight. The cost of building an extension will notably depend on the type of extension, quality of materials, your location, and the professionals you hire, among other factors. Here’s a guide to help you understand how much you can expect to pay, as well as what to expect the process to involve. 

Factors in the Cost of an Extension

In general, for the average cost of a single-storey extension in the UK you can expect to pay between £1,200 (for a basic extension such as a conservatory) and £2,500 per square metre, and potentially more if you live somewhere such as London for example. As with any building project, this price depends on a number of factors. Naturally, the first of these to consider is quality - if you opt for premium materials for a high-quality finish, expect to pay 40% more than you would for basic quality materials. Design quality is also an important consideration not to be overlooked. 

The use for your future extension will also play a role in the cost. If your extension project includes adding or remodelling a bathroom or kitchen, the cost factors will also include expenses for fixtures, appliances and fittings, as well as plumbing and electrics services. You can generally expect to pay an additional £5,000 - £10,000 to add a bathroom for example, and even more to outfit a kitchen. Size can also make a difference: if you are building a particularly large extension, the economies of scale will have an effect, and you will find that the price per unit area begins to decrease. Consider this when planning the size of your extension, as you may find that a larger extension is more cost-effective than you thought.