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Floor Plans for a Home Renovation

If you are looking to carry out a home renovation or remodelling project, there are many different things to consider when designing the floor plan and layout of your house. Here are some of the different factors to take into consideration.

Renovating your home

The floor plan is one of the basics of carrying out a home renovation, as well as if you’re considering an extension or other alterations to the structure of your house. The right floor plan will allow you to maximise the available space in your home, and make sure that no space is wasted. Depending on your project, you may need plans of just one room, a whole floor, or a whole property. A well-designed floor plan can improve the flow between different parts of a space or rooms of a house, making it more practical for your daily life. Plans can also be used to arrange furniture in a room, plan out wiring networks and other details of the space. A floor plan is also an important tool for you when you may eventually decide to sell or rent out the property, as it will allow you to accurately display the interior to potential customers or tenants. 

Designing your home's layout

When designing a floor plan, there are a number of different considerations to bear in mind. The goal of your floor plan is to create a space with numerous positive characteristics – a space that will be practical, enjoyable, functional and adaptable. Try to make sure that your design leaves scope for the purposes of the rooms in the property to evolve over time. Although some rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom will always have the same function, rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms or home offices should be placed in relation to the other rooms to be interchangeable in function as far as possible. This means that as your family evolves and grows, the house too is able to evolve. For example, your needs for a space could change in the case of turning a now-adult child’s old bedroom into a home office or games room. 

Try to keep bedrooms as far away as possible from living or entertaining spaces, as the noise from the latter could potentially disturb those who are trying to sleep. An open-plan kitchen has become a popular choice for home layouts today. Open plan kitchens offer a number of advantages, such as allowing you to carry on a conversation with your guests while cooking for them, or to watch over your children while you’re in the kitchen. If you are designing a room or corridor, it’s important that the size of the space is realistic. Think of how many people are liable to be in the space at any given time, as well as the sizes of any items of furniture you would like to place there (or may have to move through).