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Alan Dale Architects is an architectural firm located in Cornwall and in Derby. Founding architect Alan Dale and his team specialise in schools, as well as one-off houses and housing developments. The firm has undertaken major projects throughout the country, including in the Midlands, the North of England, Cornwall, Plymouth, Liverpool, North London, South London and Central London.

Alan Dale Education Architects has developed their expertise in the field of education building over the past decades, responding to the significant changes in this domain in recent years. The firm’s solid skillset and exceptional teamwork with both the client and consultants allow them to design efficient, cost-effective, bespoke solutions for schools of various types, while respecting the client’s budget.

The firm’s design and consultant teams offer services including curriculum analysis for schools, master planning, option studies, cost planning, funding, design and procurement, and assisting their clients in developing their vision and strategy for organisation. With a view to flexibility, future-proofing and sustainability, the firm implements a circular skill building process driven by a close partnership between the architect and client or educationalist, involving the client’s input to best realise their vision. 

Alan Dale Architects also designs entirely personalised, one-of-a-kind one-off houses that perfectly correspond to the character of their context as well as the client’s preferences. The firm’s portfolio demonstrates exceptional versatility and an aptitude for innovative solutions, with diverse contextual designs in styles from contemporary and modern to classical and historical styles. The team also has experience with historical listed buildings, such as the restoration and remodeling of a historic school, and reconfiguration, upgrades and extension to a a listed Elizabethan manor house. 

Are you looking for an architect for a school, home or housing development project? Contact Alan Dale Architects today to make an appointment and bring your architecture project to life.


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