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Tips and Ideas for Your Balcony or Patio



Are you looking to outfit, decorate or redesign your balcony, patio or outdoor seating area? As warmer weather arrives, now is the time to take the opportunity to create a welcoming, cosy space where you can enjoy some fresh air.

Balconies and patios are living areas in their own right, and just like the rest of your home neither comfort nor design should be overlooked. 


Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that there are certain specific constraints to keep in mind:

  • Be mindful of commonhold rules, and the maximum weight allowed for your exterior space.
  • Choose lightweight furnishings and flower pots that are resistant to freeze damage and harsh weather as well as shock-resistant.
  • Block the view of neighbours opposite to your balcony or patio to create privacy for your outdoor seating area.
  • Make sure surfaces are waterproof and there is proper drainage to avoid water damage including from runoff from watering plants.

Once you’ve taken these factors into account, it’s time to start imagining your outdoor living space. 

Here are a few ideas to give your balcony or patio a makeover.



@Ad Magazine

Bright colours and patterns accent the modern architectural features of this cheerful, airy space.

@Ando Studio

This elegant outdoor seating area offers the perfect spot to enjoy the view.


@Arch Zine

Creative landscape design complemented by the rich textures of wood and stone create a natural haven. 

@Arch Zine

Water features are a unique way to add interest to your garden and patio, while a fire pit can add a cosy element to your outdoor seating area. 

@Arch Zine

Don't be afraid to use dark colours for your exterior spaces. The bold contrast of this courtyard seating area lends it distinctive style, softened by natural accents from wood and plants.


Edison lights, soft textures and a cosy hammock turn this porch into a bohemian retreat to enjoy the warm summer evenings. 


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