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Steps to Building a House: A Step-by-step Guide

Designing and building your own home from scratch naturally gives you the opportunity to put your own personal touch on the property, which makes it an attractive option for many aspiring property owners. Have some questions? Our guide will explain this process to you step by step. 

First, what are the financial pros and cons of building?

Building a house can often be cost-effective, compared to buying an existing property. It also offers the advantage of allowing you to build your new house with energy-efficiency measures and the latest in smart technology that’s fully integrated, instead of needing to integrate it into an existing property, which can be expensive. Before deciding to go for this option, however, check if there are any existing houses in the neighbourhood that already fit your requirements. While buying a house may cost you more than building the house yourself, it’s not without advantages: you may be able to move in much more quickly, and you can avoid navigating the planning permission process, unless you plan to make significant changes to the existing structure of the property.