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Design Ideas for Your Bathroom



From a technical standpoint, as well as in terms of design, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. A beautiful and modern bathroom can not only increase the value of your property, but also provide a more relaxing, enjoyable and health-conscious living environment. While a practical, functional bathroom is essential, bathrooms don’t have to be boring! Whether you prefer a clean minimalist style or a fresh, natural look, the right design and fittings can turn your bathroom into the perfect retreat. In terms of design and materials, you have a wide range of options for different wall coverings, bathtubs, flooring and accessories. 

Planning your bathroom is nevertheless a little different than other rooms in the house. As a room that experiences high humidity, it’s important that the materials chosen are able to withstand water and moisture. A well-designed bathroom is additionally important for your health and well-being, to avoid problems caused by excess moisture such as mold and mildew that can pose a health hazard as well as cause damage to your property.  

Looking for a few ideas on how to make your bathroom a pleasant environment you’ll enjoy every day? Here are some architect-designed bathrooms to inspire you.

The London-based practice Goater Jones created this bathroom that makes effective use of a longer, more narrow space. The well-lit space features white as the predominant colour and a mostly monochromatic palette, which gives it a clean, elegant look. 


Architect Luca Bentoglio and his team at the architecture practice AQA Studio are behind this bathroom that creates an oasis of calm. The distinctive round bathtub is the central focus, while the choice of natural materials such as wood and stone contributes to a relaxing, organic atmosphere. 


This bathroom design was created by architect Brian MacEntee based in South Glamorgan, Wales. The marble-tiled bathroom is a great example of a loft conversion that optimises a small space, taking advantage of the sloping roof to increase the natural light entering the room thanks to a velux window. Have a project in Cardiff? See more of the architect’s work here


This bathroom was designed by our partner architect Charles Mullineux in Cheltenham. With colours, patterns and textures bring the seaside to mind, while the use of mirrors makes the space appear larger. Have a building project in Cheltenham? See more of the architect’s work here.


When you see this bathroom, what immediately stands out is the bold use of black and white. London-based architect Amos Goldreich created a light-flooded room thanks to large windows and a skylight in the high sloping roof, which is ideally suited as a bathroom. The white design makes the room appear even brighter. Check out more of the architect’s work here


Bermudez + Mai Architecture in Colchester, led by architect Emily Mai Fitch, is behind this contemporary bathroom design. The clean, neutral design is accented by the wood features and abundant natural light.


This bathroom features a bold, colourful design. In addition to the blue cabinet and the blue-tiled bathtub, the ceiling was also painted blue, creating a bold pop of colour that adds the perfect final touch.


The natural textures and colours of this bathroom make for a particularly soothing space. A sleek stone bathtub, a little nature and a glass of champagne,  and you've got everything you need to kick back and relax.


This bathroom delights the eye with its fluid transition from floor to walls. Combining the gray marble tiles with black and white furnishings, the bathroom takes on a simple and relaxing look.


Thinking of redoing your bathroom? Make sure this important part of your living space is as stunning as any other room of your house, with a design that reflects your taste. Get in touch with local architects near you for your home improvement project and make an appointment today!

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