Terms of Use

These General Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter "GCU") set out the rights and obligations of the Users in the context of the use of the FIND-MY-ARCHITECT website and the roles and responsibilities of TROUVERMONARCHITECTE in the context of the Website.
The User acknowledges having read these GCU available on the Website, and expressly and without reservations.
The present GCU are applicable for the entire period of browsing by the User on the Website and of the use of the Architect contacting services.
In the event of disagreement with any of these conditions, the User must stop using the Website of their own volition.

1. Legal Notices

Website :
Publisher : The company TROUVERMONARCHITECTE company, a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 15,000 euros with its head office is located at 204 Avenue de Colmar in 67100 Strasbourg, registered with the Trade and Companies Register of Strasbourg under SIREN number 849 878 723, taken in the person of its current legal representative in office, hereinafter « TROUVERMONARCHITECTE ».
The TROUVERMONARCHITECTE company publishes and operates a platform called « FINDMYARCHITECT » from which it offers a service for putting ARCHITECTS and USERS in touch.
Publishing Director: Antoine Jouault
Address : 204 Avenue de Colmar – 67100 Strasbourg - FRANCE
Contact email :
Phone : +33 3 88 99 65 02
Host : PlanetHoster, 4416 Louis-B.-Mayer, Laval, Québec (Canada), H7P 0G1, +33 1 76 60 41 43
VAT number : XXX
Declaration to the Data Protection Authority of India (DPAI). Request in progress

2. Description of the services

2.1 TROUVERMONARCHITECTE offers a Service for putting USERS in touch with ARCHITECTS in order for them to carry out an architectural work.

It is a service that is separate from and independent of bodies related to the architectural profession, including the Order of Architects. The Website database makes Architects' contact details available to Users along with some information on their professional activity.
The information provided on the Website is not exhaustive and is subject to change from the moment it is posted online.
In this context, TROUVERMONARCHITECTE offers Users the tools that allow them to contact Architects by email or phone.
In particular, the User may contact their chosen Architect directly by phone or using a contact form that provides their contact details (name, email, phone number and the subject of their request). When the User provides their phone number, they agree to be contacted by the Architect by phone.
The User can also request to be put in touch with one or, where appropriate, several Architects by completing a form with the proposed type of work, type of property and the User's contact details. In this case, the TROUVERMONARCHITECTE company is not obliged to transfer the request in the event of an inappropriate request.

2.2 The consultation and connection service is freely accessible and free of charge for Users.

3. User Commitments

3.1. By accessing, visiting or using the Website, the User guarantees and certifies that they :

a) have the legal capacity to engage in this contractual relationship;
b) have read and agree to these GCU
c) are responsible for any use made of the Website by them or by anyone using their credentials.

3.2. The User undertakes to act in good faith on the Website and with the sole purpose of benefiting from the Architect connection service.

Any violation of laws and regulations may be reported to TROUVERMONARCHITECTE. The User states that they have been informed that in the event of a breach of the GCU or any illegal act, TROUVERMONARCHITECTE is entitled to take all appropriate measures, including any appropriate legal action against the User.

The User acknowledges that the information they transmit in the context of using the Architect connection service is under their sole responsibility.

The User, therefore, undertakes to ensure that the information they transmit does not contravene current legal and regulatory provisions and does not violate any duty to confidentiality.

4. User Restrictions

4.1 Like any Architect, the User is informed that they must not:

a) violate or attempt to violate the security or integrity of the Website, specifically:
(1) implement any action likely to endanger or interfere with the proper functioning of the Website,
(2) implement any action imposing an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the Website infrastructure,
(3) access or attempt to access data that is not intended to be viewed by the User or,
(4) penetrate or attempt to penetrate a server or account which the User is not authorised to access;
(5) harass, threaten, insult or infringe the privacy of any User or Architect or propagate defamatory, abusive or slanderous information;
b) violate human dignity with racist, violent, pornographic or revisionist texts, images or videos, infringe the privacy of others;
c) violate the legal provisions on intellectual property rights or commit acts likely to constitute an infringement;
d) use information concerning Users or other Architects for inappropriate or illegal purposes such as unsolicited canvassing, sending proposals to participate in lotteries or contests, chain letters or violation of the terms of the Privacy Policy, including by competing companies with similar services.

4.2 In general, the User certifies that they will not use the Website for illegal purposes or those prohibited by law or the GCU and, therefore, undertakes to strictly comply with legal and regulatory provisions and the GCU.

5. Responsibilities

5.1.TROUVERMONARCHITECTE shall strive to provide accurate information on the Website.

In particular, TROUVERMONARCHITECTE does not control and assumes no responsibility related to :

  • the quality of the Architects' services;
  • the professional qualifications and achievements of the Architects;
  • the creditworthiness of Users;
  • the content of websites accessible from links inserted by Users. The User must take the necessary precautions to ensure that their insertions are free from viruses, worms, Trojans or any other element likely to damage the equipment and rights of other Users, Architects, TROUVERMONARCHITECTE and third parties.

Any erroneous, incomplete, misleading or out-of-date information provided in the context of connection with the Architect is likely to incur the liability of the User with regard to both the Architects and TROUVERMONARCHITECTE.

The User shall be liable for direct or indirect, material or immaterial damage and prejudice caused to TROUVERMONARCHITECTE.

Under no circumstances shall TROUVERMONARCHITECTE be held liable to anyone for any direct, indirect or other damages resulting from the use of third party websites.

The User guarantees and shall compensate TROUVERMONARCHITECTE for any claim and/or proceedings initiated by a third party, of any form or nature whatsoever, that is directly or indirectly related to the information provided and other content disseminated or with its cause in the behaviour of the User contrary to the GCU.

As such, the User shall bear all compensation that the TROUVERMONARCHITECTE Company may be ordered to pay, as well as all the legal costs and fees incurred by the Company.

5.2. TROUVERMONARCHITECTE shall not be held liable to the User or any third party for any degradation, suspension or interruption to the functioning of the Website due to force majeure, the action of a third party or another User or Architect, nor for the inevitable hazards that may result from the technique and complexity of management of the Website.

5.3. In the event of contact between the Architect and the User, the missions or operations entrusted to the Architect shall be executed outside of the Website, the Website being a simple technical intermediary.

5.4. In the event that a User is aware of a breach of the law or regulations on the Website, they undertake to immediately inform TROUVERMONARCHITECTE of this by contacting Customer Service ( and providing information for the identification of the offending content and/or its author.

5.5. TROUVERMONARCHITECTE's liability to the User can only be incurred in the event of non-performance of its commitments under the GCU.

The User is fully aware of the simple intermediary role of the TROUVERMONARCHITECTE Company, which cannot be held liable for the services offered to the User by the Architects they choose to be put in contact with.

6. Intellectual Property

6.1 Intellectual Property of the Company

TROUVERMONARCHITECTE declares that it has rights to all the components of the Website.
TROUVERMONARCHITECTE grants the User only a free, personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to access and use the Website subject to compliance with the GCU.
The User is thus permitted to use the content of the Website for their personal information.
The Website (considered as an inseparable whole) and its various elements are protected by intellectual rights belonging to the TROUVERMONARCHITECTE Company or to a third party agent or are used by the TROUVERMONARCHITECTE Company on the Website with the authorisation of their owner.
The logo, images, texts, icons, drawings, graphics, photographs, programmes and other components, the name of companies or services offered, mentioned on the Website are likely to constitute the trademarks, trade names and corporate names of their respective holders.
The User expressly undertakes to respect these intellectual property rights.
Subject to legal exceptions, the User undertakes, without this list being restrictive, not to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, disseminate, publish, license, transfer, sell, reproduce or have reproduced all or part of the information or of the service obtained from the Website by any process, known or unknown, on any media, without the prior written consent of the TROUVERMONARCHITECTE Company.
Failure to comply with this prohibition shall constitute an infringement and incur the civil and criminal liability of the offender.

6.2 Intellectual Property of the User

The User is the owner of and responsible for the rights attached to the content disseminated when they contact an Architect through private messaging.

7. Modifications to the General Conditions of Use

These conditions may be modified at any time without notice by the Website Publisher or their agent.
The general conditions applicable to the User are those in force on the day they connect to the Website. The Publisher undertakes to retain all previous versions of the general conditions and to provide them to any user who so requests.

8. Publisher's Exemption from Liability for Use of the Website

The liability of TROUVERMONARCHITECTE cannot be incurred for inconvenience or damage resulting from use of the Internet network such as loss of data, intrusion, computer virus, disruption of the service or other.
In the event that it is impossible to access the Website due to technical or other problems, the User shall not be able to claim damages or any compensation.
Unavailability, even if prolonged and without any restriction on duration, cannot constitute harm for the user and cannot in any way give rise to the award of damages from the Website or its Publisher.

9. Personal Data – Privacy Policy

9.1 Preamble

The TROUVERMONARCHITECTE Company respects privacy and personal data.
This privacy policy is intended to provide visitors to and users of (hereinafter referred to, together or individually, as "you") of our website (hereinafter referred to as "the Website") with information relating to the collection, use and sharing, by the TROUVERMONARCHITECTE Company (hereinafter "we" or "us"), of their personal data.

9.2 Identity of the Data Controller

The Data Controller for personal data collected on the Website is:
The TROUVERMONARCHITECTE company, a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 15.000 euros, with its head office located at 204 Avenue de Colmar in 67100 Strasbourg (France), registered with the Strasbourg Trade and Companies Register under SIREN number 849 878 723, in the person of its current legal representative, hereinafter "TROUVERMONARCHITECTE", for which the VAT number is XXX - Tel: +33 3 88 99 65 02- Email
1. Type of Data that we Collect from You
1.1. The data you provide us with
The data that you communicate as part of your use of the Website, including when completing our forms or contacting us, is:
- information relating to your identity or that of your company: surname, first name, company name;
- your contact details: email address, phone number, city.
The information identified on the Website by an asterisk (*) must be provided. Failing this, we will be unable to provide the services offered on our Website.
1.2. Data that we collect automatically During each of your visits to our Website, we are likely to collect, in accordance with with the law and with your consent, information relating to the devices on which you use our services or the networks from which you access our services, such as:
- information on the origin of your visits (for organic search engine optimisation, natural referencing, emails, advertisements etc.);
- information on how you browse the Website, including your route through the various URL pages of the Website, the content you access or view, the search terms used, the time spent on pages, the number of clicks etc.;
- information about you, including your IP address, the types and versions of Internet browsers you use, your screen resolution and geographic location data (to optimise the delivery of our services and find the agencies most suited to your requests).
With your prior agreement, cookies may be stored on the hard drive of your device (computer, tablet, mobile etc.)
For more information on our cookie policy, please see the General Conditions of Use.

9.3 Purposes and Legal Basis for Processing your Personal data

The personal data we collect is necessary to provide the services offered on our Website.
Your personal data is is, therefore, likely to be used for:
- sending you information and advice on our service offers based on your consent and based on our legitimate interest in helping us better understand your needs and expectations and, thereby, improving the quality of our services;
- establishing anonymous statistics relating to the use of the Website based on our legitimate interest in helping us better understand your needs and expectations and, thereby, improving the quality of our services;
- generally, providing all the services made available on our Website.

9.4 Recipients of the Information we Collect

Your personal data may be communicated to our technical service providers and partners for processing according to the purposes referred to in article 9.3 above, hosting and, generally, to ensure the proper functioning of the Website services.
Within the TROUVERMONARCHITECTE Company, your personal data is accessible to a limited number of persons who need to access it as part of their work.

9.5 Retention Period of the Data Collected

Unless the rights mentioned below are exercised, we keep personal data for a period that does not exceed that necessary for the purposes for which it is processed, mentioned above.
Personal data is retained for the longest period required to comply with the law and regulations or for another period related to our operational requirements, including to respond to legal action or regulatory requests. For example, most personal data is retained for the duration of the contractual relationship and, at the end of the contractual relationship, for a period necessary for guaranteeing the exercise or defence of legal actions.
The information collected on our Website using cookies, and subject to your consent, is retained for a period not exceeding thirteen (13) months, in accordance with current regulations.

9.6 Data Protection

We implement security and protection measures for your personal data to prevent, as far as possible, any alteration or loss of your data or any unauthorised access to it.

9.7 Your Rights

1. Information about your rights
In accordance with current regulations, we inform you that you have the following rights on your personal data:
- the right to access your personal data as collected and processed by us and the possibility of obtaining a copy of it;
- the right to rectify data concerning you that is inaccurate and/or incomplete and the right to erase it if you consider that it is not necessary with regard to the purpose of the processing or that it has been unlawfully processed;
- the right to limit the processing of your personal data if you dispute the accuracy of the data (after verification by us) or if you consider that your data has been subject to unlawful processing but you do not wish to delete it;
- the right to the portability of your data that allows you to receive the personal data concerning you that you have provided in a structured format, commonly used and machine-readable, and to transmit it to another data controller;
- the right to withdraw your consent, at any time, when the processing of personal data concerning you is based on your consent without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing based on your consent that was carried out before its withdrawal;
- the right to object, at any time, to the processing of personal data concerning you based on our legitimate interest and for commercial prospecting purposes.
2. Exercising your Rights
The rights mentioned in article 9.7 1) above may be exercised at any time by sending a letter to the postal address of the head office of TROUVERMONARCHITECTE:
204 Avenue de Colmar
Or by sending an email to the following address:
Any request relating to the exercise of your rights must be accompanied by a signed copy of an identity document.
There is no charge for exercising your rights with regards to personal data. However, in the event of obviously unfounded or excessive claims, particularly due to their repetitive nature, we may require the payment of reasonable costs taking into account the administrative costs incurred for providing information, communication or taking the requested measures or refusing to follow-up your requests.
3. Response Time
We are committed to providing information on the measures taken following a request to exercise your rights as quickly as possible and, in all cases, within the legal timeframe permitted.
4. Claims to the Relevant Authority
You have the right to make a claim to the relevant supervisory authority if you feel that the processing of your personal data constitutes a breach of the law and current regulations on the protection of personal data.
For the United Kingdom, the relevant supervisory authority is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

9.8 Modification of our Privacy Policy

We may change this Privacy Policy at any time, including for compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

We advise you to check this page regularly for any changes or updates.


10. Cookies

10.1 Information about Cookies

When viewing our website, cookies may be stored on the hard drive of your device (computer, tablet, mobile etc.) A cookie is a text file stored on your computer, mobile device or tablet when you visit our website. It is used to collect information relating to your browsing activity and propose services and offers in line with your centres of interest.
Cookies are necessary for the operation of the website. These cookies allow you to access your personal area using your personal credentials, implement security measures or permit or facilitate communication for providing a service by electronic means expressly requested by the Internet user.

10.2 Choices regarding Cookies

The storing of cookies on the hard drive of the computer/tablet/mobile device used is subject to the user's consent. You can modify your choices regarding cookies at any time.
If you accept the deposit of cookies, they will be temporarily stored in a dedicated space on the hard drive of your computer and can only be read by their issuer.
Refusing or configuring cookies is, nevertheless, likely to alter browsing of our website as well as access conditions to some of our services that require the use of cookies.
TROUVERMONARCHITECTE declines all liability in the event of the incorrect working of services resulting from the modification and/or removal of cookies necessary for the operation of the website.

11. Miscellaneous Provisions

11.1. Invalidity

Any clause of the GCU that is declared null or invalid shall be rendered void without its invalidity affecting the other provisions of the GCU nor affecting the validity of the GCU as a whole or their legal effects.

11.2 Language

The GCU are written in English.

11.3. Applicable Law

The GCU are subject to the application of India law.

11.4 Dispute Resolution

11.4.1 Amicable Resolution
Except for public order provisions, any dispute that may arise within the context of the execution of these general conditions of use may, prior to any legal action, be submitted for the consideration of the Website Publisher with a view to an amicable resolution. The user is expressly reminded that requests for amicable resolution do not suspend the deadlines set for instigating legal proceedings. 11.4.2 Mediation
Moreover, the User acknowledges having been informed of the possibility of having recourse to a mediator. Further information is available on the website by clicking on the following link: 10.4.3 Legal Resolution
Any dispute between the Company and the User relating to the use of the Website, as well as the validity, interpretation, performance or non-performance of the GCU, not resolved amicably (or through mediation having ended with a proposal accepted by both parties), shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant Indian courts.