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Stone Houses and Cottages


Stone on stone to a home of one's own - building homes and cottages from stone is one of the oldest construction practice in history. Stone has been used in building structures from Neolithic farmsteads to medieval structures, and remains a timeless building method right up to the present day.

The building method is equally characterised by stability and sustainability, in addition to the lasting aesthetic appeal of natural stone. Continuing to hold their own against more modern materials, stone walls represent a robust material for a load-bearing facade. The versatile method additionally offers a wide scope for individual design.    

Thinking of building or renovating a stone house? Explore these beautiful examples of stone houses and cottages!

This pretty little stone house finds itself in the middle of nature, only adding to the beauty of the landscape around it. If a peaceful life in the mountains is too quiet for you in the long run, you can use a cozy cottage like this as the perfect holiday home!

A stone house on a much bigger scale, this villa stands out for its traditional Italian architecture style. The house is built on a relatively wide footprint, with only a slight slope to the roof, covered in tiles. This is especially an advantage for the upper floor, as the design provides more habitable space in the upper rooms. 

This stone cottage features a traditional thatched roof, giving the country house its idyllic, fairytale charm. Thatched roof cottages are often associated with England and Wales, but the durable and sustainable building method is also an iconic element of traditional Irish houses. While as many as half the houses in Ireland were thatched back in the 19th century, today only a handful of historic Irish thatched roof cottages remain. 

From autumn to winter! When snow falls, a stone house comes into its own. Taking on a bluish hue, the multi-coloured stones of these buildings and their timber roofs and windows contrast beautifully against the white snow. The use of wood perfectly complements the stone construction, adding variety to the architectural design a little variety for a cosy alpine look.

This stone house is something very special. In the middle of a stunning landscape, this chapel’s foundations blend into the natural rock formation it’s built on, making it seem a part of the nature surrounding it. Converting a chapel can be a unique way to create a one-of-a-kind home with distinctive historical character. The graduated levels and different forms of the roof contribute a certain charm that you could also integrate into the architecture of your home.

Another example of pure nature! This little chapel offers undeniable charm, the perfect place to enjoy the peace and quiet of the rural setting in complete tranquility.

The perfect countryside haven! The unique beauty of natural stone is the defining element of this delightful stone cottage. The home’s façade is composed of contrasting irregular stones that form the exterior walls, framed by larger rough-cut limestone blocks that reinforce the corners and frame the windows. The stone arch around the unique front window, complemented by the contrasting leaded window panes, particularly gives the house its charming character.


More affordable than natural stone, brick remains a popular choice as well for a durable, attractive façade. This red brick villa is enveloped by the landscape of autumn, harmonising with the stunning setting and pure beauty of nature!

A successful mix of stone and brick! This country home proves that the two building materials can be a perfect pair, with the cool gray and warm red brick creating a lovely two-toned exterior. The traditional stone house is surrounded by other beautiful properties that together create the charming ambiance of the village.

Interested in building a stone house? Whether to build a new house with a contemporary touch, or renovate and restore a traditional stone cottage, find the right architect to guide you through your project at


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