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How does the project enquiry verification process work?

The entire team at Find My Architect is committed to offering you a service that goes above and beyond your expectations. We know that the quality of the project enquiries that you receive is closely linked to your satisfaction, so we set out to improve this experience even more for our partners. As you may have noticed, there is additional information listed in the enquiries you have received recently. Today, we are going to explain just what this new information means for you (and for us).


Quality assurance

Our team verifies every enquiry that we receive through our website. But how does this process work? As soon as we receive an enquiry, we contact the potential client by telephone to verify their information and find out a little more about their project. Our goal is to try to clear up the grey areas and shed light on their project needs in order to send you the most complete enquiry possible. This method has proven successful and allows us to filter out projects that end up being less serious or simply to screen enquiries that are impossible to get in touch with. On average, more than 60% of enquiries are not transferred because they do not meet our criteria.


What's new

Providing you with quality enquiries is a high priority for us, and we take great care in ensuring we achieve this. This is why we have decided to improve this aspect of our service by adding a project recap at the end of each enquiry. This step makes it possible to get a clear picture of the entire project, the potential client’s expectations as well as project feasibility. To give you an example, here is a list of the additional questions that we ask each and every potential client:


Status: With regards to the property, you are the…?

  • Tenant
  • Owner
  • Potential buyer


Project Size: What is the approximate size of the property or project?

  • XX m2


Budget: What is the maximum budget that you wish not to exceed for your project?

  • Budget: £XXX
  • Informed of the £XXX and £XXX price average for a XXX project

The budget is a key element of any project and therefore we give special attention to it. However, in some cases, the potential client is only at the beginning stages of their project and are unsure what they want and how much they can spend. To help give them an idea, we inform them of the average cost in the United Kingdom for the type of services they are looking for or the types of projects they would like to complete. In an effort to not waste time, we do not transfer an enquiry if their budget is not in line with the average market price for their project. 


Project Needs: For your project, you need the help of…

  • Only an architect
  • An architect and their partner craftsmen


Services Required: What services do you need from an architect?

  • Plans and planning permission
  • Plans and building permits
  • Plans, building permits and site supervision


Availability: When is the best time for an architect to reach you?

  • Between XXXX and XXXX


The responses to these questions can be found at the end of each enquiry you receive. The feedback we receive continues to help us evolve and as a result, provide the best possible experience for our partners. If you have any suggestions about how we can make this process even better, please feel free to share them with us. Our goal is the same as yours, meaning helping you convert the maximum amount of project enquiries possible!

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